Get to Know Bang Kachao

       Bang Kachao, located in Phra Pradaeng district in Samut Prakan province, comprises six sub-districts − Bang Numphung, Bang Yo, Bang Krasob, Bang Kachao, Bang Ko Bua and Song Khanong with a total area of 11,818 Rais. Surrounded by the Chao Phraya River and situated not far from the Gulf of Thailand, Bang Kachao is highly affected by sea tides which create an estuarine ecosystem –a mix of fresh water, sea water and brackish water– forming a huge fertile wetland with high biodiversity

       From the research of BIO Blitz, there are 637 species, including rare and new species, in Bang Kachao :

  • Earthworms with wings in the genus Glyphidrilus were newly discovered in South Chao Phraya River.
  • Allochestes were new record in South East Asia
  • Enchytraeus were new record in Thailand
  • Four kinds of fireflies: Pteroptyx Malacca, Pteroptyx valida, Luciola aquatilis, Pyrocoelia sp, which are rarely found in Bangkok and its vicinity.

Lung of the City

       Bang Kachao was voted by Time Asia magazine, Best of Asia edition as “Best Urban Oasis of Asia” in 2006. According to research conducted in 2011 by Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization and the Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, green space in Bang Kachao could absorb an average 6,000 tons of carbondioxide annually and produce six million tons of oxygen per day.

Back to the Past

  • During the Ayutthaya era, King Ramathibodi I regulated Phra Pradaeng to be a southern frontier and sea frontier.
  • During the Thonburi era, there was a reconstruction of the city wall of Phra Pradaeng in order to build a palace. Therefore, Phra Pradaeng city did not exist at that period of time.
  • King Rama I of the Rattanakosin era ordered an inspection of the Chao Phraya River for building the new capital city. As a result, the location on the left side of Chao Phraya River near Lad Pho canal was chosen to build a fort, known as “Pom Witthayakom”. It was the foundation of Nakhon Khuean Khan city.
  • In 1815, King Rama II had the city pillar ceremony performed and renamed Phra Pradaeng city as Nakhon Khuean Khan.
  • In 1915, King Rama VI renamed Nakhon Khuean Khan as Phra Pradaeng and promoted it to be a province comprising three districts - Phra Pradaeng , Phra Khanong and Ratburana.
  • In 1932, there was a royal decree to change Phra Pradaeng province to be Phra Pradaeng district and became a part of Samut Prakan province, while Ratburana and Phra Khanong became parts of Bangkok.

Bang Kachao Farming Way of Life

       With various canals across Bang Kachao, most people (making a living in agriculture) build ridges for efficient water management. They cultivate many kinds of crops, such as betel nut, coconut, mango, banana, pomerac, jackfruit, etc. as well as different types of ornamental plants, such as Raja palm, Cordyline and Lady palm.