Wheelchair Accessible Trail

       “Value of Nature in Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park” wheelchair accessible trail will take you pass some of the most beautiful and picturesque features of the park. Along the way you will learn about valuable tree species such as Copper pod, Curtain fig, and Fishtail palm. By the river you can stop and enjoy watching a great variety of fish.

       This nature trail is 500 meters long and takes about 30 minutes to finish.

Interesting Points

1) Copper Pod: Breathtaking flowers and medicinal bark

       Copper pod grows well in mangrove forest, with cluster of yellow flowers bloom in summer. It is a popular ornamental plant, with infusion from its shell used to produce dyes for clothes and fishnet, and also used as traditional medicine for diarrhea.

2) Fishtail Palm: Declaring its own demise

       The Fishtail palm, a short-lived species, announces its approaching death by sprouting successive clusters of flowers and fruit progressively lower down the stem. A Fishtail palm with fruiting clusters nearing the base of the plant is soon to die.

       All parts of the Fishtail palm are rich with sap that strongly toxic and irritate to human skin. The tiny hairs of the Fishtail palm fruit is both toxic when eaten and causes itching when touched.

3) Curtain Fig: Tree on stilts

       Curtain fig is widely seen along brackish water river bank and canal. The quick growing tree develops aerial roots that drop down to the ground and serve as strong support for its huge trunk and canopy.

4) Green Pond: Colored by Tiny Water Creatures

       The upper layer of this pond is home to over 10 species of microorganisms (plant plankton). The plankton contains chlorophyll for photosynthesis giving the pond its green color. The plankton reproduces extremely fast in still water.

       Beneath the water surface there also exist many species of tiny aquatic invertebrates, insects and crustaceans, which in combination with the plant plankton, provide an important food source for fish and shellfish.

5) Assembly of Beautiful Fish

       There is great diversity in the color, markings and shapes of fish, with different fish species shaped like arrows, ribbons, rockets, spheres, plates or crescents. The shape of a given species is an adaptation linked to the fish’s habitat and behavior.